Connection of cables and pneumatic hose to the N axis robots. How to calcutale it properly?

  • Hello!
    I want to learn how to connect any cables/hoses/pathes etc on robots (especially on 6-axis robots, but I also interested in robots with extended axes or kinematic of any complexity). I can't find any book, video or article about it. Are there any links to the technical materials?

    What bend radius can we use? Lenght?
    Where is the best points to connect the cables on kinematic? Is this also true for the hollow wrist?
    Where do I need to use clamps and where is it superfluous?

    I do not know the exact answer to these questions and I usually make decisions based on experiments, experience and some special cases of the solution in the drawings, or along standard cables (if any). The task looks nontrivial even for computer modeling.

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