Basler GigE camera acquisition plugin for AdeptSight 2.0

  • As it is almost impossible to find the original firewire cameras for AdeptSight 2.0, I have developed an acquisition plugin which interfaces also the newest Basler GigE cameras to AdeptSight 2.0.

    It is a simple DLL and works also under Windows 11/64 bit (as you might already know : AdeptSight 2.0 and also AdeptDeskTop can be configured with CORFLAGS.EXE to run on any 64 bit Windows).

    I have also written a *.hsproj converter which makes it very easy to swap cameras in your projects.

    This plugin allows older systems to be equipped with the newest Basler cameras without the need to rewrite any V+ Code or change sequences.

    Contact me for a demo version if interested.

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