Seeking Efficient Control Method for PI M-230 DC Servo Motor with C683 Mercury Controller

  • I'm currently working on a micromechanical tester setup using a PI M-230 DC servo motor (details:…-and-stepper-motor-703400) and a C683 Mercury controller. My objective is to control the motor to follow a predefined time-displacement profile while collecting live location data. I require displacement accuracy of around 10um, speeds up to 1mm/s, and data sampling at 5-20Hz.

    To achieve optimal control, I've been using the pipython library for Python. However, I've noticed system lags while employing this library, especially when inquiring live location. I'm curious if there might be a more efficient or reliable method to control the setup.

    If anyone has experience with alternative control approaches or suggestions to optimize the use of the pipython library, I'd greatly appreciate your insights. Additionally, any advice on integrating force-controlled motions using a load cell would be incredibly valuable.

    Thank you for your time and expertise!

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  • Lemster68

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