PickMaster place height

  • Hi

    I'm a bit new with PickMaster and doing simple program where you put chocolate bars in box.

    Problem is that when I put Place elevation in place work area good for the lowest bars in box and start adding layers, this point will raise too and robots moves starts to look stupid. :kissing_face:

    Can I somehow stop this to certain offset or heigh so the robot will move everytime at same height before putting bars to box?

    Thanks for answers.

  • You can go into the RAPID and change the approach robtarget to be at a constant height, so that the robot will only go to that height then place, rather than rising with the bars at it puts them into the box.

  • Ok...

    I tried to change height to constant in Place-cycle, but it effected only for the first layer :thinking_face:

    Or am I even doing it in right place, I pastet the Place-cycle code below. There I changed

    RobTgt,0,0,-ItmSrcData{Index}.OffsZ --> RobTgt,0,0,-110

  • So that change that you made is very close. You changed it to always approach the same amount (110mm), rather than the PM set value.

    I would make a change to set the height to a constant value, something like changing the trans.z value to the workobject uframe Z value plus a certain height that you want. That way you're not working on an offset, and always going to the same height before going to your place.

    Hopefully that helps!

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