PNS program call bits not turning on when calling from a real PLC to virtual robot

  • New to Fanuc robots here. I have gone thru many, many threads on here and a few manuals.

    Roboguide and PLC are passing UO, DI, DO, GI, GO, and "most" of the UI just fine. Took awhile to get the PNS Strobe to work. Had to find the remote variables to change and finally got my UO[1] Cmd Enabled to turn on, i.e. $rmt_master=0.

    I have the typical settings:


    7- Enable UI signals = True

    11- PROD_START depend on PNSTROBE = True

    42- Remote/Local Setup = Remote

    Menu>Setup>Prog Select

    Prog Select mode PNS >DETAIL> Job Prefix = PNS (I tested blank as well)

    Base Number = 0 (I tested 100 and have a PNS0100 TP program)

    Ack pulse width = 1000ms

    Prod start method UOP = True

    My PLC is sending a 1 to the UI[9] PNS1 constantly but it never turns on on the UI screen. I tested all the other PNS bits and nothing. Then I trigger PNSTROBE for momentary (tested 50-2000ms), I don't even see this turn on on the pendant. Then I get SYST-014 Program select failed and MEMO-073 Prog does not exist. I even have a PNS0000 just to see if that would load.

    What am I missing as to why the PNS bits aren't changing even though the PLC is trying to?

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  • Okay, so I decided to power up my new robot controller and set the above settings. Now I have a real PLC and real robot and the PNS1-8 bits are changing as I change the PNS byte in the PLC as expected, this a great news. Also I see the PNS strobe. Yes!!

    I found something odd but still not a solution to my virtual robot. In Roboguide, Tools>Options> Teach Pendant selection, check "Use the physical iPendant..." and leave my virtual pendant up. Then trigger a PNS Strobe, I finally get an ACK1-8 and SNACK pulse once in awhile, not on every PNS Strobe. The UI PNS1-8 bits still don't turn on. I would love to get most of the commissioning completed virtually before stopping production to replace the old Kawasaki robots with Fanuc and just touchup the positions, to reduce downtime.

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