Need of opinion by pressure/force sensors users

  • Dear all,

    I'm a PhD student, and for an university course I'm attending my team needs to develop a product involving a patent about a promising new kind of pressure/force sensors.
    Our IP is suited for sensing barometric pressure, acoustic pressure and force. In our opinion a good application for our IP would be for giving an accurate sense of touch to robotic hands/graspers, but others solution are going to be explored.

    This course requires us to use a Human Centered Design approach (, so I need to interview as many users of pressure/force sensors as possible.
    The interviews are around 15 minutes long videocalls in which I ask about the user experience with current solutions. No personal data are going to be asked nor collected, not even the name.

    If you ever used any kind of pressure/touch/force sensors and you are willing to help a student please get in contact with me at

    Thank you very much.

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