Moving from wobj0 to newWobj: Is this the way to do it?

  • Hi all,

    I will have to move some points stored in relation to wobj0 to a newWobj.

    I have the robotstudio subscription active.

    Could I:

    1. Copy the points declarations I want to move from wobj0 to newWobj1 into a module named newWobj1 (to say something).
    2. Go to the RAPID tab and click on ADJUST ROBTARGETS.
    3. Select the newWobj1, select wobj0 as old workoject data and newWobj1 into new wobjdata keeping the checkbox replace tooldata / wobjdata in instructions. active.
    4. Press "Execute".

    Would that just make it?

    To make it more interesting I won't be online and the machine will be in a different country.

    And another important question:

    Will the robot move slightly it's physical positions? (Given the difference between the physical robot and the software robot in terms of precision...).

    Thank you all!

  • Hi JoanM,

    I cannot comment on the adjust robtargets function, but what I can say is that wobj0 is a zero offset frame and is a default setting in the robot system and i believe it cannot be modified. Therefore, your robot program is not related to any frame at all and only relative to the robot itself. How will you calculate the new frame then??

    The preferred way to do this is to use a measured TCP and choose 3 reference points around the fixture which would then define an origin point and the X, Y and Z direction of the workobject. Document where the points are and how the workobject was defined. All the robtargets would then be taught using that workobject.

    When you move the machine to it's new location, the programmer or technician would redefine the workobject using the method as you have documented and then all of the robtargets will work.

    If you have not yet moved the machine, I would recomment doing this and use the robtarget adjust feature to bring your robtargets in line with the new workobject. Don't forget to document how you meassured the workobject.

    I hope this helps, good luck.

  • chris_d_jcd first, thank you for your post.

    In the aforementioned project my customer decided not to invest in mechanical devices to store workobjects because the robot is fixed into a compact robot cell in which everything is bolted into the same small/strong/transportable chassis which it is designed to always do the same job.

    there are +/- 80 points in total.

    The final customer asked to be able to define a workobject for each fixture (they are always bolted in the same position) just in case.

    At the end, this means that I stored the points into wobj0 (which in ABB is the exact center of the robot base). And now, my customer has sent the robot cell to another country. Without defining the new workobject first (using the method you described).

    Notice the robtargets "should" work, a workobject is no guarantee the physical errors of the robot will not affect your robtargets, robots are repetitive but are not very precise.

    To clarify my question:

    One technician (not me) will make a workobject using the normal prescribed method.

    They will send me a backup and I will move the existing points from wobj0 to the new workobject.

    I want to do it with robotstudio. Which, given the wrong situation I guess it's the best method.

    In case I can't do it with RS, I will program a small snippet that converts my points with wobj0 to jointtargets and then from jointtargets back to robtargets using the new workobject, but I wanted to ask if the method I described is correct to do that.

    Thanks again for your post.

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