Welding Laser Seam Track Comparisons

  • Is there anybody out there who has pushed multiple brands of laser seam tracking products to their limits? and if there is any significant difference in software intelligence once you push the application to the limit?

    I do have plenty of robot vision experience with both smart devices, and PC based architectures across all sorts of applications. I have used dedicated welding seam trackers in the past, but nothing hard and never had to take to the edge of potential. I do want to keep with natively ABB supported options of Servo-Robot, Meta-Vision or Scansonic; some others I’m interested later, but not for this project.

    I've done all the product research and evaluation I can, but I need to make a call on a unit;

    The servo-robot unit looks the most elegant, but I’m leaning towards Scansonic THD6 because 6D tracking should be more beneficial for pre-scanning on some complex joints; and they’re the only supplier with “local” support. (I might also be able to use it for part alignment over another dedicated wide area 3D scanner; straight 3D systems won't really do it).

    What I can’t tell is the performance advantage from each manufacturers internal software.

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