YRC1000 ArcSrt Text File Format

  • I need to be able to read (not just open) the arcsrt and arcend text backups to do some weld compares before/after we work on existing equipment. The company I work for has a different UI than standard pendants, so just lining up the data in the text files isn't really working to make sure I'm seeing what I think I'm seeing because we have different boxes visible/not visible than what I've seen in the manuals. Does a reference exist for the formatting of these 2 text files? The job files are easy since they have code with them, these two are just numbers and commas!

    For example, Start Condition: Amp, V, Robot Pause Time, Robot Move distance, Constant Condition: Amp, V, Travel Speed, etc actually labeled in the order they appear in the text file? I have searched for days for this and just found reference to the fact I *can* open and read it, but not necessarily what I'm looking at with things just separated by commas.

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