Errors while installing project

  • I am attempting to install a new sunrise project onto my lbr iiwa 7 and I am getting this errors :frowning_face:

    Maybe someone could help with this. Thanks

  • Then you know its a problem with the new project you have created.
    Do a compare between the functioning project and the new one you created, especially with the stationsetup and see where your differences are and it will point you in the direction of your error.

  • Hi

    I'm experiencing the same issue and I don't know how to solve it. Did you manage to solve it??

    I can load the project that is in the cabinet and when I try to reinstall it also outputs this error.

  • It worth try check 'region and language' settings on your Windows.

    Try change the 'format' into English(any)

    and 'System locale' under the last tab into English(any) as well.

    I guess it makes trouble on networking while using a language which has special characters other than English alphabets.

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