"Remembering" the last instruction

  • Hei.

    When I start programing after controller boot up all the instructions are set to default. So for example comment instruction would have "COMMENT" as the content. Now when I change it to something else and insert it into a job it will stay that way until I change it again (or controller shut down). So for example if I enter a comment "robot-forum" then the next time I choose comment instruction from the inform list the content will be "robot-forum".

    But now I came across a YRC1000 that "forgets" the content as soon as I insert it into a job. So after inserting the comment "robot-forum" into a job it defaults the content back to "COMMENT" again. It defaults all of the instructions as soon as you enter it into a job. That's a headache.

    What setting do I need to change for it to "remember" the content last entered?

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