RobotStudio issue: custom 2-axis Turntable geometry out of position

  • Hello,

    My robot system consists of IRC5 (RW 5.15.16), IRB1400 manipulator and a custom 2-axis turntable which is a Motoman MT1-250 s2c base reconditioned to work with ABB as IRBP-A.

    The system is fully configured and calibrated with all user frames defined.

    The problem happens when I'm trying to create a virtual twin of our physical robot system in RobotStudio 2021, using "Go Offline" option - my positioner's mechanism geometry appears to be completely out of position. It's rotated 90 deg around z-axis, 180 deg around x-axis, and z position is 150mm from correct position - see attachment picture for reference.

    I compared it with an original IRBP-A (A500 D1000 H700) by importing the system again and choosing IRBP-A mechanism, and it appears to be only upside down, but otherwise correct position.

    I know repositioning the mechanism manually in RS is not a solution, as it automatically changes the user frame, and I don't want that to happen.

    I'm currently trying to modify the mechanism by changing its local origin, as I think this is the source of the trouble.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    If I manage to find a solution by myself, I will post it here for future reference.

    All the best


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