Fanuc Roboguide "Export I/O comments" no longer available

  • Hello all,

    I seem to have lost the quick menu item to both import and export I/O comments in Roboguide - both in HandlingTool and PaintPro. In a different and now closed thread, it was suggested a particular Plugin was not enabled. I do not see any plugins not enabled under Tools > Plugin manager.

    Here is a before and after pic - both Import and Export I/O comments are missing. I installed the latest rev of Roboguide (K) as per fanuc's instructions - no difference.

    Any help would be much appreciated. I use this feature all the time...


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  • Bump.

    I found this post by searching the forum for "import comments".

    I'm new to Fanuc and Roboguide. I would like to import the comments for a slew of Register, I/O, and Flags. They were provided in two .txt files as part of a program package we received for a new application. I cannot find how to import comments in any of the Roboguide or Handling Tool documentation that I have.


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