KRC4 OPC-UA Server, linking OPC-UA nodes to custom defined variables

  • Hi all,

    I have installed the OPC-UA v1.1 package onto my KRC4 and I am successfully able to read the system variables of the KRC4 over OPC-UA with my client. However, we have additional variables defined in a config.dat file and I would like to link these to OPC-UA nodes such that these variables can be written over using OPC-UA.

    The KUKA OPC-UA manual section 5.4 (not sure if I am allowed to share on here) specifies how to create nodes on the server but not how to link these to variables that can be used in robot programs. There is no documentation I can find that covers this. Does anyone have any advice with this, or how I can read values from the OPC-UA server nodes to use in my program running on the controller? Thank you.

  • HI Carty

    Currently I am in the same phase where you were before. Have you solved the query ?

    I see, I can configure the OPC Nodes through C:\KRC\ROBOTER\Config\User\Common\OpcUa

    Can you help me with reading the variables from KUKA Program ?

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