Windows Active directory logon for Nachi Robots?

  • Hi,

    I was wondering, do Nachi robots have the capability of linking to the windows directory, to enable logon/logoff based on passwords?



  • AD
  • Hi,

    I do not understand "linking to the windows directory".

    But Log on/off is feature available in nachi for programs and parameters protection.

    Enable this feature in Constant setting -> Control constant -> User Management. You can set upto 999 User Id.

    To Log in : R503

    To Log out : R504

  • Thank you Roboter!

    We are trying to see if the robot can be linked via our domain logon.

    Rockwell products have that feature, so do other PLC and HMI devices. I was just curious if robots have it too.

    As for R503 and r504, I'm not sure what they mean. Are they commands we can send externally?

  • Hi Cobotnik,

    R503, R504 can be accessed from teach pendent only (R-code entry).

    I think you want to control the robot from PC.

    In that case you need to use FTP server function. Then you can control either from PC and teach pendent both.

    In this case you require FD on Desk II software from Nachi. User management function can be used from PC also now.

    Go to Constant setting -> Communication -> Ethernet -> TCP/IP

    Disable DHCP client

    IP address :

    Subnet Mask :

    Complete. Restart

    Go to Constant setting -> Communication -> Ethernet -> FTP

    FTP : Enable

    Anonymous account : Allowed

    Connection no : 1

    Connection time out : 900

    FTP home directory : D:\WORK

    Directory permission : Read/Write


    On PC :

    IP address :

    Subnet Mask :

    On FD on Desk II :

    Create new project, then add controller, select "new folder" ( and select WORK folder), select FD/CFD

    Connect to "Remote screen display"

    To upload and download, Open windows explorer, enter following URL address :

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