Connecting Schunk gripper to LBR iiwa with IO-Link Master

  • Hi everyone,

    I went through a whole lot of different threads here, but I didn't find something that was exactly my problem.

    My team and I want to connect our EGH gripper from Schunk to our LBR iiwa using the Turck FEN20-4IOL IO-Link Master that was given with the gripper. This is done through PROFINET.

    Starting from there, I have multiple problems/interrogations. As I didn't know how to start after reading a lot of documentations (I am really new to the world of industrial robot in general), I contacted KUKA. They told me that the way to go was to download the device description file from Turck for the specified IO-Link Master (FEN20-4IOL) and import it in WorkVisual (5.0). Then, in WoV, I added to my project the newly imported device description file under Bus Structure -> PROFINET in order to map the IOs for this device afterwards (red square in Project Structure tree on the left of the image).

    I was surprised to see that there are only two 4 bits inputs (or 8 bits) and one 4 bits output and another "reserved" 1 byte output. I had previously gone through the document "Schunk grippers with IO-Link" which, from what I understood, explains how the IO mapping should be done. On pages 8 and 23 of that document, there are two clear schemes showing the communication protocol between the IO-Link Master and the gripper. I first thought that those two schemes described what the IOs mapping should look like, but since this is about what's going on between the gripper and the IO-Link Master, I guessed not (IO mapping in WoV is about communication between SunriseCabinet and IO-Link Master in our case right ?).

    So my first question is, how do I know what those IO/s I see in WoV for the Turck device are about ? I searched informations in the Turck documentations as well, but I didn't find anything convincing.

    I hope some of you have already integrated a Schunk gripper to SunriseCabinet through IO-Link, because I don't think I'll ever make it alone honestly, so a big thank you for your help if you have any idea.

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