handling KAREL program pause, which is caused by motion error

  • I recently study FANUC KAREL programming with roboguide.

    Here is my situation. I write a socket messaging server in roboguide. I can send instructions to the server.

    After the server gets instruction and parses it, it will execute TP program, named "MOVE_PR". Just like below:

    L PR[2] 100mm/sec FINE

    which PR[2] is defined by the instruction.

    If the position is not valid, MOVE_PR will be paused by system. And the teach pendant shows "MOVE_PR LINE 0 T2 ABORTED". As a result, my server is paused.

    My problem is if the program is paused, how can I handle this pause event with only single task?

    Please give me a hand, thank!!!

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