Two KP1 manipulators in master slave mode

  • Our system is KRC4 8.5.8 with KR90 R3100 extra HA robot, on a custom made track with Kuka motor and there
    are also two KP1-H5000_HW_MS manipulators. Between the two manipulators a tube can be be placed in the centers.
    So the robot can weld the tube while it is continuously rotated bewteen two manipulators.
    I imported the KP1-H500_HW-MS element in the cell configuration in WoV and deployed to the controller.
    Afterwards I could jog the two KP1 manipulators simultanously.
    But for the jogging from the KCP there is only one external axis available that drives both KP1's simultanous.
    There seems no option to jog only one of the KP1's.
    Also in the configuration in WoV (6.0.5) I see I can select between position-, torque- or tension slave, but don't know how I could change the slavetype from
    What I should want to do with the two KP1's is :
    - jog both simultanously with slave positon controlled (as is now possible)
    - jog both simultanously with slave torque controlled (when a tubel is between both manipulators
    - jog the KP1's seperately
    - motion commands to move the manipulators in the same manner as the jogging motions state here above (both simulanously slave position or torque controlled, and seperate motions for the manipulators.
    Has anyone experience with this kind of application?

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