AOIs and UDTs

  • Tried searching but search term must be 4 characters. Does anyone know of or have created any UDTs or AOIs for controlling or interfacing with DX200 or YRC1000 controllers over E/IP? Tried googling this but all that comes up are MLX related results.

    I created my own UDT for IO mapping I did between robot system IO and robot physical IO but still had to do quite a bit in the PLC as far as start, stop, reset, calling jobs, etc logic. Also had a multitude of MSGs reading and writing position variables, error texts and other robot information. It would be nice to package some of that to make it easier to integrate repeatedly into projects. Just curious how you all accomplish these tasks in your projects with E/IP communication. do you have AOIs, UDTs, just write routines, keep it all in the robot ladder and issue nothing but a start command?

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