Alarm 270, alarm 801, alarm 802 after corrupted CMOS writing.

  • Hi all,

    I'm asking for help to resolve problem I have with DX200. Few weeks ago I have been asked to increase number of variables from 128 to 500,to match other robots. I went to Maintenance Mode and change the value. Then reboot. After that the controller automatically boot to Maintenance Mode and gave me Alarm 270[0], Alarm 801[1134] and Alarm 802[31]. I contacted local Yaskawa office and they helped me to load backup CMOS which I did before started messing with the controller.

    But since that day every CMOS.BIN file I created is corrupted and can't be used as a backup.

    I'm not sure, if I didn't reboot during some CMOS writing and I corrupted CF card. There was no indication on the TP that something is going on in the controller before I rebooted.

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