7R80: disable Repositioning, exit PositionHold when it leaves the planned path

  • Good morning,

    In a RobotApplication app programmed in the workbench, I hold my effector at a still position with an infinite PositionHold() with duration = -1 second.

    If a high external force is applied to the effector during PositionHold, the safety system reacts normally according to the safety conf and goes into STOP1 -> OK.

    If a low external force is applied though, the robot leaves the PositionHold planned trajectory but allows the operator to resume it by pressing the PLAY button again. I would like to disable the repositioning/resuming feature. For instance, an exception could be raised when the robot leaves the planned path, then I would close the Robot Application so that it will necessarily start from the beginning next time.

    Do you know how i can achieve this?

  • AD

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