Motion optimization with ROBOGUIDE/MotionPRO

  • I'm doing motion and lifetime simulation with my ROBOGUIDE and MotionPRO.
    I created a TP program, press run-panel, and make sure reducer/power/duty info will be collected, and hit run for 1 cycle.
    Then I launched my build-in MotionPRO, and saw the run log on the left, select the log I just ran, and reducer info was shown on the right hand side.
    Then I tried to move to optimization, select cycle time optimization. However, after I hit start optimization, an optimization error popped out and said "This run log cannot be optimized because backup TP program does not exist. Please try to collect data again"..

    Tried the same thing several times but no luck, also tried to backup my simulation TP program to MC/ luck.
    Does anyone know how to deal with this error message? thanks!

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