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    I am plc systems integrator and we have integrated robots into cells to work with other hardware. A customer of ours is a machine builder has asked us to copy a simple glueing application currently using a cartesian 3 servo axis. If we price this then we know if we went servos it would be more expensive than a robot, due to the number of different variants and our engineering time.

    So my question is if you had a free choice which robot manufacturer would you suggest to use and why?

    I have worked with Staubli using their robot programmer and latest project was Fanuc using the customers engineer using the pendant. The programming was done by others and I would do touch-ups and set up the IO.

    This would be a step for their customer as they wish to head down this route.

    Cheers :beerchug:

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  • You don't mention the size needed.
    For "simple gluing application" that replaces a "3 axis cartesian servo" system:

    My first investigation would be Yamaha.

    • modular system design to easily configure a 3-axis system of many sizes

    • very powerful controller that uses an easily understood structured programming language

    • at one time they pushed integration with Allen-Bradley (& others?) PLCs to make RLL-driven motion commands

    • having a "robot system" (compared with custom developed servo systems) allows one to deploy faster, standardize, and improves supportability in production IMHO

    • In a previous investigation, I found that the Yamaha language can be adapted to import path point data from offline programming software or perhaps CAD software

    • If the application size is suitable, you may be able to use one of Yamaha's large SCARA arms instead of building a 3-axis unit (space and deployment-time savings)

    Epson may be alternative choice for similar reasons.

  • Hi TygerDawg

    Thanks for the reply. The reach will be around 1700 to the furthest point with a speed of around 50-70 mm/s. The customer would eventually like to use more robots onsite, would Yamaha still be your choice or should I be looking at one of the more popular makes?


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