Problem aborting program with R-J3iB

  • I am trying to abort my main program (RSR001) using UI4(CSTOPI) and it's imposible. Controller is R-J3iB and when I abort with UI4 or ABORT(ALL) from FCTN Button, program look like aborted (ABORTED message appears instead RUNNING/PAUSED) and on top of Teach appears LINE 0 (instead LINE before abort). When I run the program it continue from program line where it was stoped, not at 1st line of program.
    I've used same way to abort every time w/o problems.

    Any idea??

    Thanks for all.

  • SYSTEM configuration setup... CSTOPI for ABORT or Abort all programs by CSTOPI. I think the correct path is MENUS>NEXT>SYSTEM, (Type) Configuration.

    Both options are un TRUE. I forgot It. Problems with these options un TRUE.
    Dont know whats happening...

  • When you try to run after an ABORT, are you using START (UI6) or PROD_START (UI18)? This whole process has always been a little confusing to me. The way they describe things in the UOP part of the manual seems to contradict what is said in the SYSTEM CONFIG part of the manual, but it almost certainly has to do with the way you have those UOP signals configured - the CSTOPI, START, and PROD_START. Sorry I can't be of more help. Hopefully someone else can tell you exactly what you need to do...

  • One option may be - If your MAIN program has in the header the 'ABORT_REQUEST' set to 7, you won't be able to abort it in any way, using cstop or fctn abort all. Look at the .LS program header:

    COMMENT = "Background Progr";
    PROG_SIZE = 438;
    CREATE = DATE 06-09-07 TIME 07:37:29;
    MODIFIED = DATE 06-09-28 TIME 10:34:28;
    FILE_NAME = ;
    VERSION = 0;
    LINE_COUNT = 15;
    MEMORY_SIZE = 882;
    TCD: STACK_SIZE = 0,
    TIME_SLICE = 0,
    BUSY_LAMP_OFF = 1,

    DEFAULT_GROUP = *,*,*,*,*;
    CONTROL_CODE = 00000000 00000000;
    1: LBL[1] ;
    2: ;
    3: WAIT .25(sec) ;

    Make them equal to 0. The only way to edit these is in the LS file.

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