• Hi

    My name is Merik.

    I have an IRB2000 S3 robot and can’t get it working.

    I have done the following fault finding and repairs so far:

    I have replaced the tantalum capacitor that was blown up on the main computer board and fixed the pcb.

    I have only the computer, 6 axis cards and safety card installed at this stage.
    I have replaced the nicad battery.

    I replaced all the electrolytic caps in the power supply and voltages and ripple look fine.

    I replaced the capacitors on the safety card.

    The unit still gives me the following and nothing more when I connect a PC serial terminal on the sensor port at 1200 baud:

    560 ERROR / ROBOT COMPUTER 0130 00

    And the teach unit displays PROG UNIT COMMUNICATION FAULT

    Any help for next step fault finding would be appreciated.



  • We have made some progress. The debugging process we went through was as follows:

    The COMPUTER ERROR I discovered thanks to Per @ Robot Spares was related to the The code means a fault with the Robot computer board pd bus and usually means replace the robot computer board.

    PD-bus= communication bus for Programming unit / monitor.

    This bus is on connector X5, the driver ICs for that are the 16pin DIP 26LS30 and 26LS32 as well as the DUART (68681) directly above those 2 ICs.

    The enable into the 26LS30 was being driven but the data input was always high. We socketed these ICs as well as the lower DUART to allow us to swap the 2 DUARTs. After the swap, the TX data input to the 26LS30 is now being driven. Concluded a faulty DUART IC, drivers seem ok and we now have comms working.

    We now move onto tracing through the run chain / limit / e-stop quagmire.



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