EtherCat Bus Scan Error

  • Hi All,

    I am stuck with configuring an EK1828 Beckhoff Module using the SYS-44 KEB. After adding the components in WoV, I still can’t resolve the Ethercat Bus Scan Error. I managed to get everything working temporarily, by changing an IP address setting in WoV and changing an XML file for sys44 reset, but deploying the project shortly after, the error returned and I can no longer scan the SYS 44. I also get an error in the diagnostics panel in HMI showing invalid states for the Sys 44 master and slave.

    I am working with 8.2.3 KRC4, and KR6 R900. Using a work visual 4.0.30 build 0515. And Using EK18xx.xml machine configuration from 2001, it was found as a link on this forum.

    Any ideas for troubleshooting this please let me know.



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