Weld Parameters

  • First off, I've had no formal training, and am mostly self taught. Now I'm stuck and need help. I have a Fanuc 120iC with R30iA controls. I've written a new program as far as points, moves, arc on/off with feeds and such. The first time I ran it, the wire cut like the material like a Plasma Cutter. We have Fronius CMT, and am using .045" ER4043 wire. The material is .130" wall 6061 Aluminum. I have no idea where to go to change the heat, pulse, anything. Is it in the Fronius or the robot controls? Is it a combination of the two? Any help would be most useful. Please be aware I may not grasp 'full on' technical lingo. As stated above I am 90% self taught through success's and failures. I will do my best to answer all questions for help.

    Thanks, Z

  • The process is selected on the welding power source, this includes the material aluminum, the wire size, the shielding gas, and whether you want pulse, or regular welding.
    The trim, wire feed speed, and travel speed is normally set up in the weld schedule on the teach pendant. You must have the process correct on the power source before you can tune the welds in the schedule.

  • Thank you, I've got the bulk of the welds complete and they look pretty good. The 2nd stage to this is now a solid Aluminum Plug pressed into a 3.25" I.D. column that is .130" thick. I need to make a new program for the Fronius, but how do I make the change in the Fanuc program for calling a different weld program in the middle of a running program?

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