J1/J2 Axis collision prevention

  • I have a scenario for everyone...

    I had a collision on J1 axis, and long story short, I had to remaster the axis +0.567 to return my tool center point back to where it needed to be. The collision occurred, a robot operator managed to return the system back to normal operation, and continue the process of welding. We had all of our welds off and that's when I re-mastered the axis and got everything back in line.

    My question is...
    Is it possible to monitor collisions on J1 and J2 and create a system fault that can only be reset by logging into the teach pendant and a trained person investigate/reset the fault and return to normal operation? Much like a chain fault/channel 1 alarm???

    My intention is to allow a robot operator to reset a "weak" collision occurrence that may have been caused by a wire stick, arc fault or something that did not create a great amount of force on an axis. However, I do not want the operator to be able to reset an alarm if the collision occurred on the J1 and/or J2 axis or if it was severe enough to move the axis out of position. Could this also be applied to a positioner with a two axis table. I have had it happen in the past that a hoist grabbed the positioner with chain hooks and pull on J1 because the operator was not paying attention. I had to re-master it back 11 degrees.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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