Robot world TCP position (X, Y, Z, W, P, R) - System variable

  • Good morning,

    I am using the $ SCR_GRP [ 1 ] . $ MCH_POS_(X/Y/Z/W/P/R) to tell my PLC the robot positions in the world.

    However, these numbers don’t update while you’re jogging, and won’t update until the robot starts a move in a program. One little trick is to do a move to the current position at the start of your program:

    J PR[100:SCRATCH] 10% FINE

    There is another variable that give me directly the value ?
    I am using r2000ib - 125 l robot and r30 ia controller.

    I don't have $DIAG_GRP[1] in system variables.

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  • Below is from the IRMATH manual. This will convert joint to cart.

    4.10. JOINT or MATRIX to Cartesian (fcCartesian=10)

    Call iRMath (10,0,0,1) ! call iRMath directly
    Call irXYZWPR (1) ! TP method
    iR Cartesian (1) ! macro

    Pass the position in a PR. The PR is updated to a Cartesian format. If the position register is stored in JOINT representation it is converted to Cartesian representation. The current $MnuToolNum and $MnuUframeNum are used for the conversion. In other words, the joint values are converted to its world frame coordinates, the user tool is added to the base plate, and then it is converted to the user frame coordinates.

    PR[1] = P[1]
    IR Cartesian (1) ! format of PR[1] changed to Cartesian

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