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    I'm working on a project about creating an Interface between Labview and Fanuc Contoller R-30iA Mate to control a Fanuc robot LR Mate 200iC, I'm new on this and I want to Know if I need a software or a driver to comunicate Labview with the controller (R-30iA)

    Any info is really appreciatted


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  • Hello,

    First you need to ask yourself wich kind of communication protocol you want to use. This is higly dependent on your application and what you're more familiar with.
    This is also dependent on your what options are already installed on your controller and your possibility to buy new.
    For example, TCP/IP communication is relatively easy to set with Labview but it will require you to buy an option for the controller.

    Maybe if you tell us more about what you want to do with your robot, we might be able to push you in the right direction.


  • Thanks a lot skalactik

    I choose the Ethernet protocol, because I saw an Ethernet port available on the back side of the controller and I though this was easier

    and my project is build an interface between labview and fanuc controller, make a simple control for the robot maybe just a fiew movements (up, down, left right)

    Now I'm trying to find the software or drivers to access communication

    TCP/IP Sounds good, could you please tell me what I have to get for this?

    I appreciate your support

    Thanks a lot!

  • Hello,

    I've used TCP/IP protocol to communicate between client application and robot controller. This application is designed in C++ but we used Labview application in the past to emulate part of the interface (including TCP/IP communication).
    To do that, we used a purchasable option from Fanuc called "User Socket Messaging". This option allowed us to send and receive custom format messages to our client application, thus creating a custom communication protocol to communicate with the robot.
    TCP/IP is natively supported in labview so you will not need any additionnal plug-in.

    Tell me if you need more info on the matter.
    I'm also able to assist you with the implementation of this solution.

  • Thanks again for your support...

    I'm trying to get the IP Direction from the teach pendant and set TCP/IP Labview View

    also I already asked FANUC for the purshasable option "User Socket Messaging

    Thanks a lot!


  • Hello,

    You will be able to change robot network IP from the Teach Pendant in SETUP - Host comm - TCP/IP once the User Socket Messaging option is installed on the controller.
    This IP address will be used by Labview to connect to the robot.
    Also you need to configure a Server or Client tag in the SM protocol tab(Host comm) and assign a port value (if controller is server) using the system variable $HOST_CFG[N° of tag].$SERVER_PORT.

  • Thanks a lot!!!

    Now I'm working to get the "User socket messaging from FANUC"
    Do you know if there's another place where I can buy the User socket mssg.?

    After that I think I'll be ready to start with the communication set up

    Appreciate all your support

    Thank you!

  • Hello,

    Fanuc usually ask for a backup image of the controller. They update it with the new software and send back a modified image of the robot. Then just load this new image on your controller and the software is installed.

  • Today I spoke with a Fanuc specialist and He told me that I have to get the next Items for being able to control my robot:

    -Karel Software for fanuc controller
    -Karel Compilator for PC
    -Compact Flash to load the software (This compact flash is the one that is used to make program back ups)
    -License code for the compact flash (Provided by fanuc)

    I didn't Know the exact price but I think they are pretty expensive

  • Quote

    Today I spoke with a Fanuc specialist and He told me that I have to get the next Items for being able to control my robot:


    Karel Software for fanuc controller

    May be already installed on your robot. you can verify that on the TP in MENU - STATUS - Version ID - CONFIG tab and check for :
    * Karel cmd. Language (J650)
    * Karel Run-Time Env (J539)


    Karel Compilator for PC

    You can use Roboguide or WinOLPC to compile KAREL code on PC. I dont know the policies of FANUC in your country but if you're a student you may ask for a trial version of any of this software (most likely Roboguide)
    I don't know the price of Roboguide software because it was comprised in an offer with the robots we bought.


    -Compact Flash to load the software (This compact flash is the one that is used to make program back ups)
    -License code for the compact flash (Provided by fanuc)

    As i understand it, they will send you a License code for the option and you will have to enter this code in the Teach Pendant in Controlled Start mode to activate the option.
    I can't be sure about the last part because FANUC in my country doesn't seems to proceed this way. Maybe someone in this forum living in the same area as you will be able to further assist you with the last part.

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