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    Looking for Fanuc training class or private. Willing to pay top dollar I live in Toronto area ,Ontario Canada and I am willing to come to any job site . I have 30 yrs exp. as a Machine Builder of automation . and 6 months experience as a very green robot programmer . I want to train to eventually become a full time programmer . Can anyone help or advise ?


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    They have classes in mississauga, but the schedule isn't open until May. You might be better off crossing the border and going to Detroit. Last I knew, the class prices were $1800-$2500 USD. I don't know if they offer the classes to individuals or if you have to work for a company with a robot to attend. You said you have six months experience as a programmer. Do you currently work for a company that uses FANUC robots? If so, you should know that FANUC offers free training to their integrator partners.

  • i will be going to Fanuc . this year . I would like to get more time on the teach pendant before taking course . I took online course robot handling operations . but i have forgotten a lot . Im going to take ADVTPP in USA . was wondering if could buy A student manual for ADVTPP from Fanuc. or alternatively pay a skilled robot tech to teach me so when i take class i wont be lost :merci:

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