any success using labview with fanuc robot

  • Has anyone had any success using labview or any PLC for that matter to write data to registries or position registries(preferred) on a RJ3iB, RJ3iC, R-30iA controller.

    This is what I'm trying to do!
    I have an IMM and I taught a user frame to the front of the mold and I have labview monitoring the position of mold open. As mold open changes I would like labview to be able to write the change in position to a position register so that I can offset my user frame.

    The reason I'm trying this is that the only way that I can see in the mold to teach my position is to have the mold open to 10 inches. when the Robot and machine are running in production I only need 2 inch of mold open and see no sense in opening the mold farther than I have to.

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  • To communicate labview to fanuc robot you can use the SNPX / RS232 or SRTP / ethernet protocol. With those you can write directly to registers and use this as offset to your frame. If you use a plc, you can use a lot of communication protocols (profibus, profinet, ethernet ip, modbus, ....) Then you write the values in group inputs and transfer these to registers.

    But I don't see why you need this. Just offset your userframe by 8 inch and done.... . You never use the full open during production or maintenance....

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