Fanuc M-10ia error code PRIO 230 and 233

  • Hello all, I have a fanuc M10ia on a RJ3 that I have apparently screwed up this morning. I was plugging in via ethernet to the allen bradley PLC controlling the cell this robot resides in and I accidentally specified the PC IP address as the same address the PLC uses. I quickly saw my error and reset to a unused IP on the system, and was able to login and change what I needed to on the PLC.

    However, now the fanuc has the PRIO-230 and PRIO-233, telling me the ethernet/IP is not set to run mode. For the life of me I cannot find anywhere to set this to run? The robot does not appear to be communicating to the cell at all at the moment, but I can run a ping check from the pendant and it is fine. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • Nevermind, the weekend must be effecting my brain still. PLC was set to prog instead of run for some reason.

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