tool coordinates out after battery change

  • Hi all...

    after the battery change (in my previous topic).. i thought all was well... but...

    the x and y directions are about 20 degrees different from the base x and y directions (ie. z is rotated by about 20 degrees).

    i've looked but i just find the setting anywhere.. Tool Coordinates on the Aux Data Settings seemed like the nearest but that didnt seem to correct it.

    is there a was to basically align the x, y and z of the tool with the base x, y and z?


    [i thought i'd sorted it with tool coords and home position, but it actually didnt]

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  • When you move your robot are you actually using "base" mode or "tool" mode? I can only see the movements in base mode to be off if your robot is not zeroed correctly, if in tool mode movements are based on the tool coordinates and not base.

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