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Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: Teach Pendant display jumps to current routine
« Last post by cobenson on Today at 10:40:51 PM »
I always press the data button, then I can do what I want.
You can obtain an official copy of the trial only from Fanuc.

We are not allow to post Fanuc software
Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: MD: Write Protection?
« Last post by pdl on Today at 08:34:35 PM »
Are you currently editing the program that you are trying to copy?  If so, select a different program.

Why not just load the ls file?  That will put it on the MD
Fanuc Robot Forum / MD: Write Protection?
« Last post by Joe.L on Today at 08:00:00 PM »
Hi All,

I'm having an issue trying to copy a .LS file from UT1: to MD: and getting 'Device is protected'. I've looked through various manuals and menus but cannot seem to find any options/variables that relate to MD: write protection. I feel like the answer is obvious but I can't seem to resolve it.

Any help is appreciated,
KUKA Robot Forum / Re: Mapping KRC4 variables
« Last post by panic mode on Today at 07:25:52 PM »
unlike word data types (byte, int, dint...), REAL data type is encoded.

there is no built in way to transfer REAL data through I/O so may as well just mao the I/O any way you like (block of BOOL, or DINT or whatever) and write some KRL code. a while ago i shared couple of functions just for this kind of conversion, for example:
KUKA Robot Forum / Re: Shared Folder Between KRC4 and PC
« Last post by panic mode on Today at 07:13:48 PM »
are you sure you are on a same subnet?
are you sure you have needed rights and services?

here is the basics:

1. on a controller log in as Expert
2. while logged in, minimize HMI
3. open Computer and rightclick on D:\ and check properties - if drive is shared, with who and what access rights are given. if needed adjust them. this window will give you EXACT info to type into your PC to connect to shared folder
4. bring back HMI and note down Network settings for Windows interface. default is,
5. on your laptop make sure network settings match those of KRC, for example set your network interface to, ping KRC to verify connection
6. open windows explorer and click on Computer, that will show all drives and in menu make Map network drive visible 
7. pick unused drive letter such as W: and as folder enter shared link from KRC (see step 3) or enter path using format "\\machine\folder_name", for example \\\d  (it is acceptable to use either machine name or IP address) BUT make sure here to place checkmark on "Connect using different credentials" or you may not see prompt to enter user name and password. depending on windows and KSS version, user name and password may differ. on KRC4 usualy user name is KukaUser and password is 68kuka1secpw59

Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: Mapping UOP To Flag
« Last post by jaraviensis on Today at 06:46:53 PM »
48 address mapped I/O   
Any idea what is this?

From the "R-J3iB Mate LR Handling Tool B-81524EN-01.pdf" manual:

The rack indicates the master of I/O link, the CRM79 interface, and the kind of hardware which composes I/O
module to robot control PC board.

– 32 = I/O Link slave interface (at slave mode)
– 48 = CRM79 interface

The slot indicates the number of I/O module parts which composes RACK. However, it is fixed to 1 for the CRM79


KUKA Robot Forum / Mapping KRC4 variables
« Last post by Debjit on Today at 06:37:58 PM »
Hi all,

Here's my current configuration:

KRC4 - 8.3.25
EtherCAT - EL6695-1001
WorkVisual - V5.0.5_Build0600

There are two questions I would appreciate your help with:

1. Can the KRC4 Output DWORDs be mapped to REAL or is UDINT/DINT/DWORD the only options? By editing the signal at the provider, that was all I was able to achieve. [attached screenshot]

2. Now working with the UDINT/DINT/DWORD data types, I am trying to read in $AXIS_ACT_MEAS.A1 that's an E6AXIS structure which is currently being read in as a 32bit UDINT value due to which I am (1) losing precision and (2) losing the sign. I am aware that the bit mapping needs to be done right. Does anyone have tested code that I can use for this data type conversion in KRL?

I appreciate your help with this.
KUKA LBR IIWA / [IIWA] SmartServo Package Changes
« Last post by alexanderdsmith on Today at 06:34:32 PM »
Hi there,

It's been quite the hiatus since my last post here!

I am attempting to get a package working with my iiwa R800 7kg that was written in 2012, originally for the LBR 4 iiwa prototype. In the example program, there appears to be only one error in which the setDestination(jp) command is incorrectly taking a MatrixTransformation as an argument [in this case the code is written as setDestination(MatrixTransformation), which is throwing an error because there is no method to handle a MatrixTransformation in the arguments]. Is there a simple conversion between JointPosition and MatrixTransformation in Java, or has someone written a method to do so? Otherwise, I will start digging and post my results here.

Fanuc Robot Forum / Re: RJ3 SRVO - 230 Chain 1 (+24V) abnormal
« Last post by pdl on Today at 06:24:05 PM »
This is a very common fault on old RJ3 controllers, it can often be associated with the deadman switches on the teach pendant.
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