Top 20 Humanoid Robots that are currently in development

Most of the humanoid robots on this list could soon be ready for the market. However, there are also a few models that are very promising but are unlikely to be marketed in the near future.

1. Alfie from Prosper Robotics

2. Ameca from Engineered Arts

3. Astra from Apptronik

4. Atlas from Boston Dynamics

5. ATOM2 from FutureBots

6 Beonmi from Beyond Imagination

7. CL-1 from LimX Dynamics

8. Digit from Agility Robotics

9. Eva from Aeolus Robotics

10. figure01 from Figure

11 Forerunner from Kepler Exploration Robots

12. GR-1 from Fourier Intelligence

13 Neo and EVE from 1X in collaboration with OpenAI

14. H1 from Unitree

15. Optimus from Tesla

16. Phoenix from Sanctuary

17 Reem-C from PAL

18 Robee from Oversonic

19. Themis from Westwood

20. 4NE-1 from NEURA

It will definitely be interesting to see who will be the first to sell a market-ready humanoid robot and what the demand will be like.

What do you think?

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