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    You are on the wrong road.

    You should check the sensor in the main program during movement, otherwise you will run into problems with synchronization of the two processes.

    Search for interrupt / resume here in the forum.

    hermann actually i already did it as you wrote and it worked well, but now my mentor wants me to do it by using SPS file :/

    Hello all, i hope the way i am asking question is right :/ if not, i am sorry in advance.

    My question is:

    i am gonna scan a 300mm x 300mm area with an inductive sensor and then If this sensor perceives a metal surface, there will be a process that calculates the center point of the metal piece.

    I wanna use SPS file to make sensor check whether there is metal or not, but i dont know how to include SPS file to the SRC file to make them work together