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    Maybe try looking at the system variable $ALM_IF, when enabled, it gives a bunch of info about current alarms.

    i tried that, that only shows last alarm and there is not possible to alter message or do anything.

    i will try to read some more about it.

    I think you would have to use a system condition monitor to catch this alarm and react to it on the robot side.

    Another option is to read all the active Alarms through the PLC and do a string compare. I know Ethernet IP supports that but not sure on profibus.

    i will try to look at system condition monitoring and learn something about it .

    maybe something like

    condition monitor when alarm is true. If true, call program error_output.

    error_output will contain message with some kind of help for maintenance team.

    Thanks for help


    Please have anyone tried to change alarm messages ? for example when i receive:

    SRVO-037 SERVO IMSTP input (Group:%d)

    • Cause: The *IMSTP signal, which is a peripheral device I/O signal, is applied.
    • Remedy: Turn on the *IMSTP signal.

    i would like to see on pendant

    SRVO-037 SERVO - Hey maintenance guys please check valve XX

    or add another message below error which will guide maintenance team to fix issue.

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