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    I don't know about your wiring, how many terminal you use in the robot and how you connect power supply for input/outputs.

    In the Alarms that you have, see the binary codes from right not left. The alarm show D08:XIN08 not D09:XIN09.

    Did you connect any thing to A6 and A13 pin on the CN309?

    I have two IM-YE250/5-80P.

    So it should be this input?

    On one of the cards there are "jumpers" between 65<->66 and 67<->68. I don't know why someone put them there.


    I have a problem with YRC1000 controler every now and this ALARM 4762 apears with [0000_0000_1000_0000].

    Somtimes ther is a second alarm ALARM 4772 also with [0000_0000_1000_0000].

    Sometimes it goes away after one reset, sometimes it stops robot every few minutes =O

    How can I know with which input theres a problem? From documentation its D09:XIN09. But which one is it physically in YRC1000 Controler?

    My guess its one of two IM-YE250/5-80P.

    Did anyone have similar problem?

    ASF01 and ASF02 was already replaced