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    The situation itself it's confusing. We clear all the errors, as shown in the first picture, and we try to jog the robot, after which we get all the first 7 error messages from the second picture.

    Hi guys,

    The company across the street just had a Kuka KCP2 moved from a plant to another and had some problems upon starting up the robot.

    We cleared some of the errors, but we still have one that can't figure out. We acknowledge all the errors and we are ready to jog the robot, but upon that we get the errors in the linked image.

    Do you have any idea what may cause it:?::?:

    Thank you.



    Hi guys,

    I'm short on this topic, but what is the correct procedure to move a Kuka robot between 2 factories?

    I must do a Back-up of the robot (just in case something gets lost or i must restore the system settings) -> put it in transport position ->cut the power and other connections (ex. from a PLC) -> pack it up -> move it ->unpack and redo the connections -> power on and it all should be the same?

    Are there any problems i might have on moving it?

    Thank you.:)


    I have the same errors on a KR 90R3100 EXTRA HA , KRC4 ProfiNet 3.2 that runs with a SIEMENS PLC 1214C DC/DC/DC.

    It was working fine until we tried to upload the Tia Portal program back into the PLC. After we loaded the program we lost the communication with the robot and got those exact errors.

    We are still trying to figure out there the problem is.