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    Hello everyone,

    Has anyone else encountered this problem before? It is appearing in random spots throughout several different programs. This particular robot is running a Brazing Welding head, while simultaneously running a motopos. spin base jig, and a wire cutter after each application of the weld. Sometimes this fault occurs when the jig us spinning, welding, or wire cutting. I have tried cmos backups from a few months ago and the issue still is present. No program changes in the last 3 weeks either. It only started occurring within the last 72 hours. The welder has been stuck on while the fault occurs causing the weld wire to puddle and welding its self to clamps and the jig. Any ideas or suggestions to remedy? Thank you in advance!

    Im having a rough time trying to get a dx200 to take a screenshot. I power cycled the cabinet, press and held aux and area till a beep was heard in the start up seq. Inserted the usb once I got to the desired screen but once there it wont take a screen shot. Any suggestions or anyone know what Im doing wrong?