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    Using a text editor, look at the file on one of the software boot disks. It will give the software type in the that says 'label text'.

    Updating depends on the hardware you have and having the proper software

    Yep, it came from Advanced function disc. Now i got it .

    But still. I have DSQC 335 Robot computer

    DSQC325 Main CPU

    DSQC 323 memory board

    What is your experience Skooter, is it possible to install here 2.1 or even 3.0 ?


    Can anyone help me with RoboDk. I want to call programs regarding Input 1 and input 2. I cannot find the if else commands in robodk.

    Could someone send me an example :

    IF Input1=True

    Call program 1


    Call program 2

    Thank you all !

    I recived my new resolver, replaced it and alligned (didn´t removed the motor from robot).

    And it seems to work now. All axes are moving and no errors at the moment. Tomorrow will try to make my first robot code.

    About the allignement. It took about 4-6hours for me. If anyone wants to know how i did it, then i can explain a bit more :smiling_face:

    Simply to say, i copyed the sine and cosine graphs form axis 2 . (It isn´t so easy as it sounds, you have to be 100% sure in some other factors.)

    A good motor repair shop familiar with ABB motors will be able to correctly set the commutation for you. The motor has to be locked to a specific position while setting the resolver to 0 deg. There is a little more to it than just be able to read the resolver.

    Thank you skooter for the information.

    It is hard to find a man from estonia who can do it. Thats why im looking for soultions how to do it myself...

    Yesterday my "used" robot computer arrived.

    Replaced it and yay. The drive unit errors were gone. I was able to move the robot.

    But sadly not too long :frowning_face: about 10 minutes.

    After that i got this error:

    X resolver Error
    Failure in X resolver signal on channel 3 signal is less than noise value

    Does the channel always means axis ? In this case axis nr 3.

    Well if i changed the motor cables i changed all resolver cables also.

    Also made a quick test to them yesterday. Disconnected the cables from the SMB and measured from x to 0V x, y to 0v y, exc to 0vEXC.

    All axes were great.......

    Hmm thats a good point, but if i disconnect the cable lets say on axis 4 and try to arm , then the fault should come only to axis nr 4 ? (Ofcourse if the axis 4 cable is faulty )

    Can i disconnect all motor cables and start one by one ? I mean:

    1.connect axis 1, try to arm , if no axis 1 drive unit fault ,then connect axis 2 , if no drive unit error on axis 2 then move on with other ones....


    About the rectifier. I desoldered the diodes and rectifier to control them on the ground. They are ok . Also the transistor on rectifier board.

    Controlled contacts from Backplane and they were ok .

    Bridge on C16-C12 also ok .

    On next week should arrive me a used (ausbruch like germans say) Robot computer, then i can test with that.

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