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    The manual is pretty clear on this:
    "The jog frame is a frame in which to jog easily. It allows you to align the x, y, z coordinate system about a fixture or workpiece that is rotated with respect to the world frame of the robot.
    Jog frame is a frame that you can set up in any location, with any orientation. Jog frame
    provides a convenient way to move along a part when the part is oriented differently from the world frame."

    Jog Frame is for jogging.
    User Frame is for program positions.
    I do not know/understand why they are separate.

    Static vision or visual tracking?
    Is there the Pick Tool software in the robot?
    Have you got manuals?
    You can expect help here for particular problems, but I doubt anyone will guide you step by step for entire work.

    Yes, this is exactly the case, but the load is heavy and variable; I would not like to make the collision detection more sensitive.

    Is it possible to override programmatically the disturbance and/or excess move settings during the recovery procedure?
    What are the system variables?

    I've programmed the subject in R-30iA and it successfully resets the
    SRVO-050 Collision Detect alarm and proceeds to the recovery part of the program.

    The problem is that immediately upon the recovery start, the robot falls into one of the following errors on axis 6:
    SRVO-053 Disturbance excess, or
    SRVO-024 Move error excess
    These errors require external reset, hence kill the autorecovery feature.

    Any ideas how to make it work?

    The OEM (slightly discounted) cost in Canada is about $1800 Canadian.

    Anywhere in the world... :hmmm:
    Not sure how it behaves through all firewalls and routers.
    And you will need serious cooperation on the robot location side.
    Still, looks you have no other choice.

    I am using the MotoAdmin for quite a time now (on NX100) and am not delighted at all.
    The downsides deiscovered are:
    - The software is raw, even some buttons not translated from German.
    - After every comand to the robot the software pops up an error message, although the command passed successfully.
    - The job editor feature of the MotoAdmin does not perform syntax check.
    On attempt to save erroneous edit, the old (correct) job is deleted in the controller and the new one is not accepted.
    - After edit of the master job (even without errors), the master job becomes undefined in the robot and must be set again.
    - On robot error, the MotoAdmin tends to close by own error on attempt to switch the robot operation mode from MotoAdmin, if the robot error is not reset from the robot pendant.
    - MotoAdmin falls into fatal error in attempt to communicate with the robot not in remote mode.

    Also, everything stated by Robodoc applies.

    Be aware, that MotoAdmin does not emulate the robot pendant and does not allow to perform all the actions that may be done from the pendant.
    Neither does it allow to do anything that cannot be done from the pendant.

    For remote manual monitoring it will do the job.

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