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    Created how? Details matter. If you simply have a PTP P1 command or similar in your .SRC that's not part of a complete ILF, then no, TouchUp doesn't work.

    For instance, I used robodk as a simulation program because we don't have a kuka simulator, when you export a program with robodk it gives you something like this :

    BAS (#INITMOV,0)

    BAS (#VEL_PTP,100)

    BAS (#ACC_PTP,20)


    BAS (#TOOL,0)

    BAS (#BASE,0)

    LIN {X -211.000,Y -7671.000,Z 1485.000,A -90.000,B 0.000,C 180.000,E1 -10500.00000,E2 0.00000}

    On one of our robot I can touch-up these points and when I do it says TPEXPERT 7700 at the top which I assume is some option that Panic Mode was talking about?

    Then I tested the touch-up on the other robot next to it, which is the same robot really and it gives me the invalid module error... I'm guessing they don't have the same options.


    I have been playing with spline motion and when I restart the robot in the middle of a spline block after I manually stopped it(like the release of start in T2 or stop button in auto), it accelerates too fast and gets a ''Command gear torque E1'' error.

    Our robot is a KR210 R3100 Ultra mounted on a KL4000S using KRC4 - 8.3.25

    I have played around with every acceleration settings created in a spline but it doesnt seem to affect this sudden acceleration. There has to be a way to resume a motion with a gradual acceleration right ?

    Here is what I made. I initially created a spline with the inline form to have a template and then added my coordinates that came from RoboDK.

    Thought I missed something so I recreated the same Spline with the inline form and had the same disappointing results.


    DECL LDAT LDEF={VEL 2.00000,ACC 50.000,APO_DIST 150.000,APO_FAC 50.0000,AXIS_VEL 100.000,AXIS_ACC 50.000,ORI_TYP #VAR,CIRC_TYP #BASE,JERK_FAC 50.0000,GEAR_JERK 50,EXAX_IGN 0}


    SPL {X 348.813,Y 3996.620,Z 1960.010,A -178.882,B 39.828,C -90.311,E1 6000.00000}

    STOP WHEN PATH = 500 IF diPressOpen==FALSE

    SPL {X 348.813,Y 4496.620,Z 1960.010,A -178.882,B 39.828,C -90.311,E1 6500.00000}

    SPL {X 1159.960,Y 5381.100,Z 1938.510,A -179.183,B 29.722,C -89.739,E1 7200.00000}

    SPL {X 2515.230,Y 6000.490,Z 1910.150,A -179.776,B 3.173,C -89.012,E1 8000.00000}

    SLIN {X 2992.060,Y 6000.990,Z 1909.290,A -179.852,B -1.542,C -89.015,E1 8000.00000}

    SPL {X 3334.990,Y 6000,Z 1590.730,A -179.994,B -9.997,C -90.001,E1 8000.00000}

    TRIGGER WHEN PATH=0 DELAY=0 DO goVacuum = 7

    SLIN {X 3304.99512,Y 6001.01123,Z 1512.92749,A 179.438324,B -9.88267326,C -90.2579117,E1 8000.00000}


    I did say that operators select it by hand.

    And as for the stop button on the smartpad, there aren't anything anywhere, it's not used in the code, that is why I'm really confused by all this and why I made a post.

    How can the old program be restarted after a safety stop and my copied program cannot be restarted after a safety stop unless I press the red button on the SmartPad. It makes no sense.

    I just happened to try and press the stop button before trying a start and it worked, got me even more confused. In EXT AUT and AUT.

    We do have another robot that uses external start and the sps program is implemented, so I guess I'm gonna have to implement this one.

    It is basically the same code since I copied it and added a couple of IF statements, but one can be continued after Operator Safety has been opened and the other can only be continued if I press the red button beforehand(in ext aut and aut), I thought it might be a bug and with what you told me, now I'm pretty sure it's just a bug.

    I'm fairly new to kuka so I didnt know there was a sub program to select the program and it seems it doesn't do anything for now, operators select it by hand and so have I. Now that I learned that I will implement something with it, it would be great if operators couldn't do an external start on a random program.

    Looks like I have more reading and self learning to do thank you ! :)


    We have two robots here which are KRC4 - 8.3.25 and I have a question regarding the cell.src programs.

    To do some tests, I copied the only cell program that was called cell2 and made a cell3.

    I tried implementing a logic in which you ask for the perimeter access, the robot goes to his home, and then unlocks the door when it is at a safe place.

    The problem is that when I try to continue my program(cell3) after closing the perimeter, I always needed to press the stop button(which didnt seem to do anything) on the smartpad before I could continue the program. I thought I missed something so I tried the same logic on the cell2 program and I didnt need to press the stop before I could continue. Is this because there can only be one cell programs in the folder and the second one isn't really considered a cell?

    Thank you

    Roboguide is running inside my laptop and I set Roboguide

    Isn't virtual hiding behind ?

    How is the PLC accessing the Roboguide IP ?

    Roboguide will use your computer's ip adress, which you can find by typing IPCONFIG in the command prompt, the default getaway is the routers ip adress and the ipv4 adress would be your computers adress which needs to be the same in roboguide.

    Maybe I did my document too quick but, ROBOGUIDE will have the same ip as your computer, that is why you need to set the ip in roboguide to be the same as your computer.

    I would assume your pc's ip adress is not since most routers use the first ip adress by default. You really should take a look at your ip config, you also need to be on the same network as the PLC.

    When i wrote '' I was able to simulate the new one in parallel of the production'' i meant that I used the real PLC to program online all my logic and test the communication, all this while it was in use by the production line.

    Hi everyone, since this thread helped me slightly, I made a document explaining how to connect roboguide to an allen bradley PLC over an ethernet connection. It really isn't that hard and works really well. I tested all my new logic without any downloads in the PLC. And since we wanted to change a robot, I was able to simulate the new one in parallel of the production.

    Also, the reason why I made my ip adress static is because you can't change the ip adress of the plc module once it is created.