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    I have never tried using a 1734-ADN with a robot, but even with a AB PLC you have to use RSNetworx for Devicenet to build the 1734 scanlist, and then link that scan list to the PLC.

    IIRC, you create a Devicenet file for your main network, and then create a second devicenet file just for the point IO. Then you drill down into the Point IO and set it up, and save that devicenet file. Then you go back out into your main devicenet file and associate the .DNL file with your main .DNL. I can't remember exactly where you do that though.

    I had to do something similar to a Fanuc robot with IO Link one time too. It required using RSNetworx for Ethernet/IP

    the AB manual that you want to reference is 1734-um002_-en-p.pdf

    KCL can be implemented outside of KAREL. You can build several lines of KCL code in a text editor and deploy as a .CM file for setting up common system variables, but you won't be able to set up as much stuff as you can with a KAREL file. For instance, you can't label your IO with KCL but you can with KAREL. You can run programs with KCL or KAREL from a Telnet session, or from a web browser though.

    KCL will let you write I/O and simulate ports, but you cannot read them, or I am not seeing how to do it. You also can't read or write to registers from what I have seen so far.

    It's kind of silly, but there might be some utility in there in some situations. I haven't got to play with it a whole lot.