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    Hey there,

    I can only confirm what kwakisaki said. With KRCC dll it is fairly easy to establish a connection with the robot and send commands.

    However, downloading and uploading files caused some trouble for me at the beginning, if you experience any problems with that feel free to ask ;)

    Also, can you create a new thread for any further KRcc discussions, as this thread is becoming convoluted with a variety of topics...…:top:

    You are completely right, this was getting kinda off topic sorry for that. However, I wont need further discussions since I managed to finish my project with the information provided here so far. I just wanted to say thank you for your great advice! :)

    KRcc was a good solution and it's really not that hard to get into it. I ended up using Winforms with VisualStudio and built a nice little application to control the robot. I can recommend this to everybody out there!

    kwakisaki  Patryk Zajdel Thanks for the quick response. After doing some research this definitely seems like the better option!

    May I ask a few questions regarding KRcc?

    - Is it correct that the programming language is C#?

    - In the documentation that I have it is stated that KRcc works only for E Controller. I am using an F Controller for the robots RS007N and RS007L, respectively. Is this gonna cause any problems?

    - Do you know if KRcc also works with the newer .NET Core instead of .NET Framework which is supposed to expire in late 2020? Best for my solution would be to integrate some Buttons (just like in the Video posted by kwakisaki) into a webpage... From what I've read so far this works only with ASP.NET Core which is not part of .NET Framework.

    Hi kwakisaki,

    I've been following this thread with great interest since I'm currently working on a project that requires TCP/IP communication between a Kawasaki robot and a computer. I slowly worked my way into programming Kawasaki robots so that I can handle motion programs and work with K-Roset. However, these advanced features like TCP/IP still cause problems for me. So, what I want to do:

    1. configure the robot as server and the computer as client

    2. make the robot constantly listen to the computer and react accordingly for the following events (triggered by strings that I send from the computer to the robot):

    3. do monitor commands (EXECUTE, HOLD, CONTINUE, SPEED etc.)

    4. LOAD an as-file into the robot memory

    5. Send a request from the computer to the robot to display its current pose (WHERE-command) and send this information back to the computer

    I have to say that the information as well as the program samples provided by you are a huge help in getting started with this topic. Starting off I just used "filesave.txt" and Hercules to establish a connection between my computer and the robot (for testing purposes I'm using K-ROSET instead of an actual robor atm). Just like balrog did, I can trigger MC commands within the PC-programm. The problem is, that LOAD and WHERE cannot be executed with MC.

    Port 9105 accesses the Terminal Editor.
    - This is directly connected to the Controller as the Command Line Interface.
    - Hence the login/command prompt.

    Instead, my idea was to directly address the controller via port 9105 which would make LOAD and WHERE possible. When I put port 9105 in Hercules and try to connect, "login:" pops up. However, sending the password "as" as mentioned by you causes a problem that I dont understand. For some reason this message doesnt reach the robot anymore, instead it is "sent and received" in Hercules. For clarification:

    Pink is usually the sent information, which then appears in K-Roset like this: Client: ...; here it repeats itsself in Hercules whereas in K-Roset no reaction can be seen). Also, I dont understand this blue row (NVT: FF FD 18). I think that I have a false impression on how port 9105 is accessible. I dont really find helpful content on the Internet though. Maybe you can help me in some way? You seem like an expert concerning Kawasaki robots :)

    Many thanks in advance!