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    A7020 Regenerative register over voltage An error in regenerative voltage is detected when power is turned on.

    Or a servo power error.


    Turn off the power and then newly

    turn it on.

    If the error recurs frequently, consult Panasonic representatives.

    That is right from the Error list from the G3 Operations Manual

    Is anyone using the Production Management software with their robots. Wondering if you are able to see the actual pulse waves when running a weld. My shop is thinking in the future to change pulse waves and possibly create our own in our database, but it is hard as we can't actually see the pulse waves and can't see what happens when we adjust the wave in the pulse wave settings.

    Hi I operate a Panasonic TM2000 robot with thick plate software, menu welding, arc sensor, and touch sense. Does anyone have any experience using the adaptive fill feature on bevel welds? Been playing around of ours and am having no luck getting it to function.

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