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    Just wanted to stop back in as I have found the solution to my issue. The "Adapter" in the 7th axis did not need to be inverted in the wizard. It just need to be rotated 180 degrees about the Z axis. So I changed its O from 0 to 180 and moved my workpiece to the other side of the track. Now the 7th axis behaves normally.

    Running through my program again, it appears to not be an issue with the external axis afterall. The LMOVE taught points are just fine (majority of the program), but the JMOVES are screwed up (wrong direction and location). I loaded my program and synched everything before cycling and it's still pointing the wrong direction when it JMOVES between LMOVE subroutines.


    If I was in your position, I would create a project in KROSET with your model robot and add an external axis using the wizard.

    Confirm, this is all working correctly.

    Synchronize that with the virtual controller and again confirm it is all operating from the virtual controller.

    Then transfer your motion programs to KROSET and then you will be able to program, modify them and test them.

    This is essentially what I did. The only difference being that there was no real way to set up the external axis without loading my program because those axis values are derived from the values found in the program.

    What I might do is create a new project with the same robot and work, add the external axis with some dummy values, sync to the controller, and then upload my program.

    I still worry that the inversion of that external axis will not match up, however. That's really the only big issue I can see at this point. When I load my program, I get a handful of errors which I hear is normal, plus a few abnormal ones for some TRANS values that seem to be of no consequence. Other than that the program loading is going fine. I just need to be able to tweak the external axis to work. At this point I can't go into the maintenance setup to verify of toggle the inversion of the external axis because I would have to change my entire program to compensate.

    I have an issue with a mismatch of my JT7 on my robot. It's a KJ264-A001 paint robot with an external axis JT7 (x-slide, -1500mm to 1500mm). My physical robot has the JT7 inverted, so if I hit "left" on the teach pendant, it moves in the +X direction (physically to the right if you are observing from behind the robot), and if you hit "right" it goes in the -X direction. --Not sure why or how it was set up this way, it just was.--

    I have my work and robot, along with my custom paint gun setup and all the tool center points configured properly. My next step is to load my program which is a current backup from my physical robot. When I load the program, which works just fine, the JT7 ends up not being inverted because I did not select "inverted" in the initial external axis setup. When I execute one of my programs I noticed that the JT7 movements are backwards. So I went into the wizard to modify my external axis and check "inverted" this time. Now when I load the program to the controller I get the following error:

    I should mention at this point that the "synchronize" function, while seemingly very important, has been tough to wrap my head around. I'm worried that something about they sync process is not working properly. Can somebody explain to me all of the bits that affect how the external axis behaves between program and K-Roset?

    Why is it that if my physical robot appears to be inverted on the external axis, the K-Roset apparatus does not want to accept the external axis when I check the "inverted" box?

    Thank you

    I'm wondering how I know which software version to select when loading a KJ264 robot into my simulation environment. The options are shown in the following image. If I open my program backup, the first line says "ASE_K80000W3P", but the "...W3P" option is not available. Does the version matter?

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