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    Incredible but true ;)

    Regarding both Profinet D & M/S, you're right Panic, this was to show that nothing popped up. I only use 'Profinet D' for the moment as I only need a device, since I use a PLC.

    its moving forward, not working, but moving forward. I will keep you updated tomorrow.

    Hopefully at the end, I can edit the topic to make a "how-to" to put a LBR 800 from scratch to working condition in TIA sharing my code.

    Dear Everyone,

    We recently acquired a robot LBR IIWA 800 7kg with touch pneumatic flange.

    We have no problem to Run applications, make configuration with Workvisual for I/Os, run apps.

    It gets trickly when we want to use Profinet (1st without Profisafe, then we will try with profisafe).

    We want the robot for the first test to be a Device, driven by a Siemens S1200 1515F plc.

    - No problem with Siemens PLC, and we also have the good robot GSDML files.

    We have the Software Option KUKA.Sunrise.Profinet M/S version

    We have the Software WorkBench, and workvisual 6.0.

    ** Note that Both Software eoption Profinet & Software workbench came on the CD when it was bought.

    I parametered the I/O in Workvisual, and added a "Profinet" to the bus, with taking into account that we need the Profinet Slack.

    Problem :

    When I try in the (in Software) to Select Profinet D (to be a device) by ticking the square box, "the selected version" remains at [not installed].

    I deleted the option package, and reinstalled it successfully on Workbench, but the problem ramains : [not installed].

    I can therefore not load the Profinet drivers onto my controller, seems to be a bug from Workbench.

    As anybody experienced the same issue (maybe from a different packet ?)

    Thanks a lot, and I will keep you updated.