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    I will buy a 4 or 5 axis robot. Robot is not decided yet. I am going to visit an exhibition for that.

    To learn basic, I am learning it online through online tutorials. Right now I am learning linux for robotics and then I will jump to ROS basic for robotics ( will use python because I already have knowledge of python) and then more detail stuff in ROS like URDF, TF ROS, ROS control, ROS for industrial robot, ROS for manipulation.

    I have taken on a project of pick and place. In that project, I would be using a manipulator robot.

    I don't have any experience in robots and how to code robot. I have basic knowledge of python. I don't know from where should I start. I have read on internet that ROS is needed to code robot and ROS is supported by Linux only. I have windows on my laptop. Do I have to install Linux and install ROS and start learning it or can it be done in windows as well.

    Please enlighten me with the basic starting step.



    With $5,000 you don't have enough money to do a real project. Is this for educational purposes?

    Whole budget is 10000 USD. I am trying to do it with less money as I am doing this as my master thesis.


    You will need something to check the orientation of your object

    Sorry, I have less experience in this field. So, then the best option is to use a camera which can be use for image recognition ( which will facilitate both ; adjustment of the orientation and will also provide picking coordinates) Can you suggest any camera which can be used for this purpose?


    Hello, it is very difficult to answer to this questions without more info.

    The robot choice will depend on

    The attached file show the part which has to be picked and placed. The work envelope is around 60 - 80 cm radius. My main concern is that if the component which is shown in the attached file is upside down (180 rotation), would the robot be able to pick it or rotate it first then pick it and put it on a conveyor belt. ( The position of the component on a conveyor belt should always be like it is shown in attached picture). To accomplish this task, which kind of robot i need and do I need image recognition or some senors?

    Is the box moving or not ?
    Is the conveyor where you put the part moving or not ?

    The box is not moving but the conveyor will move which will lead the component in laser engraving machine.

    Do you already have the laser engraver?

    Yes, we do.

    Are you going to need vision? Are the parts to be removed always in the box the same way?

    The parts to be removed from the box will not be in same way. I think we need vision for that.


    I have a component which is semicircle in shape. The component is kept in a box so that the arc surface of semicircle is at top. A robot has to pick the component and should keep it on a conveyor belt and conveyor belt will lead that component to a laser engraving machine.

    My question is what are the step by step process that I have to do? I don,t have enough experience in robotics. Which robot should I buy and how to program it? Which software I have to learn to do the task described above.